2022 State of the Great Miami River Watershed

The figure below illustrates the water quality rating of the annual data for each sampling site. Click on a site to open a pdf detailing the annual data for that site's watershed.

Click here to open a pdf detailing the precipitation, minimum and maximum daily temperatures and the flow (cfs) of the Great Miami River at Hamilton for the week preceeding each monitoring day. (Viewing hint: a second tab will open when you click on a site. If you drag the tab to become its own window, each subsequent click will open in the second window allowing you to view the map and data simultaneously.)

View Dr. Michael Miller's analysis of the 2022 data and how it compares to other regional watersheds including the Little Miami and the MIll Creek. 

Banklick Subwatershed Sheed Watershed Wesselman Subwatershed Taylor Creek Watershed Taylor Creek Tributaries Great Miami Mainstem Ohio River Watershed Dry Fork Whitewater Mainstem Paddy's Subwatershed Whitewater Mainstem Whitewater Tributaries Great Miami Tributaries Great Miami Tributaries Great Miami Tributaries Blue Rock Subwatershed Dryfork of Whitewater River Tributaries Dryfork Whitewater River Tributaries

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